Staring out at the desert landscape I contemplate the last 18 months. Crickets chirp, insects buzz my head and a breeze blows through the stubby grass and sage brush. There is so much life in this corner of the Oregon desert. A great deal of life has happened since I last posted to Suniechick. I

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Backcountry on the Back Burner

Well, that statement isn’t entirely true. 2010 brought a roller coaster of life, and many changes. This summer was filled with nights under the stars in the Boise National Forest, soaking up the hot springs, hiking in Yellowstone National Park and breathtaking views of the Black Hills. There was actually little lack of backcountry. As

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2009 Reflective Musings

A year themed by change. As I sit at my laptop, reflecting on the passing year, I realize that I have changed in so many ways. Mentally, emotionally, physically. Maybe change isn’t the right word, but I have experienced growth. Many wonderful adventures of all sorts were had. I backpacked through the Smokey Mountains, soaked

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