I’m a woman who loves the outdoors, a great hike, grand adventure, a relaxing soak in a pristine hot spring and spending the night under the stars.

I wish to infect my fellow woman with my passion, and hope they too will cherish and enjoy nature. I have a Bachelor’s in Environmental Studies, and have enjoyed past summers as a Girl Scout Camp Director.

My many experiences in the forests and mountains have given me a different perspective on life. It has opened my mind to embrace new experiences and adventures. I can appreciate city life, although I prefer a babbling brook to a stream of cars, the trees to concrete. I have grown as a person, and this blog follows my growth. While Suniechick is primarily focused on all things outdoors, don’t be surprised to come across words that are of the random sort.

I am excited to share my experiences, perhaps impart a few nuggets of knowledge, and especially bring you a little closer to nature.


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  1. elliscreative – I am an Idaho-based freelance writer with nearly a decade of experience in the fields of Advertising and Marketing. I also enjoy writing feature articles for several different magazines on a wide variety of topics.
    Eric D. Ellis says:

    Hey there, I’m a freelance writer based in Boise, right now I’m working with Sun Valley Magazine. They have asked me to write a feature article about hot springs (and the culture of hot-spring buffs) in Idaho. I’d like to interview you (by phone or email, whatever you prefer) for the article. I think you’d be a great resource! Let me know as soon as you can?



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