Camp Time, Almost

The camp director hat has been placed upon my head once again.

Two summers ago I embarked on a unique undertaking. I was the Camp Director for a Girl Scout camp in central Idaho. Once again I am about to commence on a 5 week journey filled with trials, challenges, personal growth and joy.

The quest has already begun with pre-camp planning. This year I have been given more “control” of camp happenings. I have been put in charge of hiring staff, programming and a myriad of other details. There have been moments of frustration and moments of pure excitement. I am thrilled to have several staff members return to be by my side this season, as well as welcome new faces to join in the experience.

I hope to be able to share my stories along the way. I aspire to inspire more women to take a leap, enjoy the great world with their daughters, sisters, friends and anyone else they can grab hold of!